You can add Drake to the list of celebrities that have had their homes burglarized. While Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner, Nick Young and others have been robbed of thousands of dollars, Drake wasn’t hit the bad. According to reports, while Drake was out of town, a 24 year old women had broken into his home. […]

Joseline finally speaks on this alleged baby that Stevie says she is carrying…. The Love & Hip-Hop star has been here before but according to her sneaky faced husband, she is keeping the baby this time.  Stevie claims that the baby news just slipped out and maybe that’s why up until now the P.R. mami hasn’t […]

  Any time you get on a social networking site, you’re inundated with people talking about “The Thirst.” Thirst is exactly what you think it…

We see it all the time and some of us are guilty of it…. What are some things that “THIRSTY’ people do on social networks? …and what do u think needs to stop? Here is what some folks on IG had to say… Drop a comment here….and connect with me tweetAcruz on IG @tweetacruz on […]