A video of a 6-year-old being handcuffed went viral after people were outraged over the footage. Kaia Rolle was reportedly arrested after the police were called on the young girl after she became upset over being unable to wear her sunglasses. The officer in the footage even reportedly bragged about the arrest because of […] Offset is making a career change and he’s taking it very seriously! In this edition of the Hip-Hop Spot, Headkrack gives us the details on the Migos’ member’s new gig. The rapper isn’t making his small screen TV debut on just any show, he will be on one of TV’s post popular series and […] You know how we do on Wednesdays! Jordan dedicates ‘The Headwrap Song‘ to all those “ladies with their headwraps on!” Take a listen to the full track from today’s show & see if you made this weeks video recap! Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures! SEE ALSO: #KobeFarewell: What We Learned From Kobe […] A new song from Usher’s upcoming project hit the internet and plenty of people were quick to comment on what exactly Usher was confessing to. Take a listen for yourself and let us know on social! Plus, ironically President Trump had some comments regarding Harvey Weinstein’s conviction. Take a look at the video above […]