Gamers are already frustrated that they have been failing miserably trying to cop a PS5, now reports of Sony working on a "PS5 Pro" model has the side-eyeing the company.

Which way is Santa going to go this year? Sony or Microsoft? The next-gen systems look powerful.

The FBI has confirmed that sources from North Korea are indeed behind the Sony email hack and data breach that sent an uproar throughout Hollywood and potentially destroyed a few careers.  The film “The Interview” which depicts the death of North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, cancelled its Christmas release after 5 major theater chains […]

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  Atlanta entertainment attorney James L. Walker, Jr. sued Sony BMG Music Entertainment for telling black artists not to use a black law firm and…

Lauryn Hill‘s attorneys reveal that she has inked a deal worth $1 million with Sony Music.  The shocking information was disclosed during Lauryn’s tax proceedings and come just in time to save her from an apparent jail sentence.  Last year, Hill pleaded guilty for failing to pay federal taxes on $1.8 million earned between the […]