Shirley Caesar

Plus, Louisville's Lamar Jackson becomes youngest college football player to win the Heisman and Former Clinton staffer launches anti Trump site "Corrupt AF."

All good things must come to an end and that also pertains to the viral challenges that spread like wildfire across social media platforms. Leading up to Thanksgiving, the hottest Internet challenge was the #UNameItChallenge that featured the music and sermon of Shirley Caesar. Everyone who participated had fun with it and even Caesar herself […]

Gospel legend Shirley Caesar is not of the internet generation, but a video of one of her performances turned into social media gold. Shirley Caesar more than likely has no idea she has gone viral on the internet and quite frankly the timing for this couldn’t be more perfect. With tension and anger at its peak due to the recent election a good laugh right about now is therapeutic and this challenge delivers it. So how did […]