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During an interview, Sean Paul shared how he felt about everything after the success with Baby Boy and made it clear that he didn’t like the way that collaboration played out.

If you noticed, there is alot more “dancehall” type records making its way to mainstream. Who is responsible for this? Drake. Dancehall Superstar, Sean Paul, is speaking out about pop stars copying his style of music and he’s not happy. Sean Paul tells The Guardian, “It is a sore point when people like Drake or […]

Sean Paul is denying rumors that he is writing a tell-all book that would reveal that he and Beyoncé had a fling several years ago while she was on a break from Jay-Z.

Word on the street is that Reggae star Sean Paul is writing a biography, and he admits he dated Beyonce when she was taking a break from Jay-Z. The insider explained, “Jay-Z was very jealous . . . to this day he has a problem with [Sean Paul].” Could this be the reason why Jay-Z […]

A ton of celebs hit up Australia this week including: Eve, Kelly Rowland and Sean Paul. We also saw Akon with a PYT on his arm…

Sean Paul MUST be having a mid-life crisis to be seen out with his hair like this!