We #outchea in B’more! The D.A. takes a selfie stick pic / video with Dirty Rice and salutes our D.A. family that’s #Outchea … Click to here to see The D.A. #Outchea with Dirty Rice..via his new selfie stick..LOL! Shout out to this week’s Instagrammy Winners! Hit the player below to hear who they are… […]

  As B’more celebrates Purple Pride Week, Dre and Alichia, salutes their fav pics on IG…we love that purp!!! Scroll down to see the winners of this week’s #INSTAGRAMMY’S Look @getoverhere_ rockin that purp!!!!   and how bout @callmetrubmorvnfan      What do you think?   Connect with us on Twitter: @drejohnson1
 @tweetacruz instagram: @drejohnson1 […]

The D.A. had to salute our NON THOT instagram frieands and their good #NotaThotSelfies It’s the first real weekend of summer which means it’s THOT season, hence the THOT POCKET mini-mixes that we’ve been rocking all weekend on 92Q …That’s all well and good.. THOTS do make life interesting and enjoyable for some but what […]

We salute the #SaturdayFace today in the #Instagrammys.  Some are shopping, some ridin around and gettin it and everyone seems to snappin #selfies.  Could it be the #instagrammy influence….or people just really feelin their selves… Maybe a little bit of both.  Either way, We enjoy seeing what you are doing while you listen to The […]

It’s been a year since we lost one of the most talented rappers to come out of Baltimore, Smash aka T-Mac.  Smash was on his way to be a super star and his death was way too soon.   Outside of his amazing talent, he was one cool dude.  He kicked it with us many […]