Lil Kim and her baby’s father Mr. Papers spent much of the summer bad mouthing each other in a heated custody battle over their adorable 1-year-old…


It’s all about the Mula  for Lil’ Kim. The Queen Bee celebrates her 39th birthday by dropping her long-awaited single “Looks Like Money.” She celebrates  to the good life and shows off  her riches on the money-making anthem. Listen to the song below.  (this song contains Graphic Language Listener discretion is advised)

CLICK TO HEAR DRAKE’S RESPONSE! Wow, Lil Kim recently went in on Drake calling him a coward and a bottom. Very harsh words, so we caught up with Drake. Click The Audio Above to Hear what Drake had to say. Listen to Dre Johnson and Alichia Cruz every Saturday 3p-7p & Sunday 3a-8a 92.3 fm […]

Lil Kim said, “When the Queen comes to town, everything shuts down.” With that being sad, get ready for your town to be shut down as Lil Kim has announced her dates for her ‘Return Of The Queen Tour’. Check the dates below to see if your town will be buzzin’ with The Queen Bee. […]

Lil Kim has been in the rap game for over 10 years now and thanks to her many hit songs some may even crown her queen. She first stepped on the scene as the first lady of The Notorious B.I.G’s Junior Mafia and as what some hip-hop heads would say Biggie’s main b*tch. Lil Kim […]

Someone operating the Twitter Account @TheRealLilKim has taken the Queen Bee‘s on stage attacks on Nicki Minaj to the next level.