Is Mimi getting a little heavy-handed with the Photoshop?

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RiRi throws the deuces to this wayward fan.

When your body is ripped to perfection, there are going to be haters. Today, Amber Rose was the target. Muva was accused of Photoshopping cellulite off her…

Christy Turlington & Julia Roberts’ latest L’Oreal ads have been banned for being overly-airbrushed. In an effort to maintain healthy body image, Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority has decided to pull the ads. (L’Oreal owns both Lancome & Maybelline.) Parliament Member Jo Swinson told the press, “We should have some honesty in advertising and that’s exactly […]

Tennis champ Serena Williams posed for Vibe magazine this month and her body looks a little different than usual.