The legal tussle between PBS and Tavis Smiley is still ongoing, and a blow was handed out to the former television host this week. On Wednesday (March 4), the network won $1.5 million citing that Smiley violated a morality clause. As reported by Variety, Smiley, 55, will have the pay the broadcaster stemming from his […]

  Monday night Stanley Nelson’s ‘Vanguard Of The Revolution’ documentary had us glued to our TV screens. The fascinating tribute to the Black Panther Party not only chronicled the rise and fall of the group but also enlightened us all. See the best reactions to the film below: https://twitter.com/fiyawata/status/699782088556474368 https://twitter.com/KimBrownTalks/status/699777013972934661 https://twitter.com/beneviera/status/699795096288542720 https://twitter.com/ChrissyCole/status/699777899428245504 https://twitter.com/EBONYMag/status/699779359310245888 https://twitter.com/Nettaaaaaaaa/status/699815187298148352 https://twitter.com/ReignOfApril/status/699793601862230016 […]


The ads keep coming and Big Bird gets more press. Mitt Romney said it and now everybody is watching what is happening.. The things he said he would cut if he is elected President has everybody talking. Is he just talking or did he mean what he said? Check out This ad below. See More: […]