Watch out Oprah! Kevin Hart wants to be just like you…..well, sorta! In his interview with Variety, Kevin Hart opens up about his childhood in Philly, his climb to comedic greatness and building his empire. Hart’s manager, Kevin Becky even chimes in to say that Kevin’s goal is to be the “comedic Oprah”. “He’s going […]

In a recent interview with PEOPLE's Jess Cagle, the renowned talk show host discusses how her career in helping others also aided in helping herself.

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Kelly has work to do before aligning herself with Oprah and her illustrious legacy.

Jay Z has been in the rap game since the early 90’s and is still one of the most respected artist in the music industry. He is a independent record label owner that changed the rap game by calling his own shots. I have learned so much more about Jay and I respect his hustle […]

Actor Tyler Lepley is known for his roles on Tyler Perry & Oprah Winfrey‘s popular TV show, “The Haves and the Have Nots,” as well as his role in the film, “Ringside.” He talks about how grateful he is to be working on the fourth season of the OWN show, especially since he started the […]

During her farewell interview with the talk show legend, FLOTUS will discuss the legacy they hope they leave behind and what lies ahead for the first Black family. Steve Harvey got a very special tour around Oprah’s OWN headquarters, by Oprah herself. The duo visited the OWN cafe, which featured marble tables and leather furniture, her coveted library of her book club selections and her private office. After exploring O’s impressive spread and artwork that kept her inspired on her journey, […]

Oprah's OWN network has been hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit after a woman claims she was humiliated by her female supervisor.

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  News broke today that Jennifer Lopez has landed a big role in an upcoming HBO films production, The Cocaine Godmother, in which she will play one of the most powerful cartel leaders ever, Griselda Blanco. Lopez admitted she has long had a fascination with Blanco, who did her part to revolutionize the cocaine trade in the US during the 70’s […]