Issa, Molly, Kelli, and Lawrence will be back for the final season in October.

The critically-acclaimed HBO show will say goodbye to fans in 2021.

We are truly in the upside-down if Donald Trump is deeply concerned about Issa and Molly's friendship.

She gave the people an update about her first HBO baby, “Insecure.”

While the clips on social media of the choir are sure to give you an eargasm, some are standing strong in their decision to never support West again.

Issa Rae says the writing team needed a break, plus she's becoming a major movie star!

Insecure fans were surprised to learn that Jay Ellis, AKA Lawrence, made a return to the show in its third season after speculation he was no longer part of the cast. The actor’s former management team appears to be trying to ride Lawrence’s comeback all the way to the bank and are putting the squeeze […]

Issa Rae has captured a loyal audience with her hit HBO series Insecure, which breaks down Black relationships in ways rarely seen via mainstream means, but her private life remains a secret. However, there’s speculation swirling that Rae is engaged to longtime boyfriend Louis Diame and her Insecure co-stars seemingly confirmed it. ET reports: Earlier […]

Amy Aniboi, a co-executive producer for HBO‘s hit series Insecure, has inked her own deal with the cable giant. Her two-year deal will not interfere with her current role with Insecure and has her working alongside Issa Rae on other works. THR exclusively reports: The two-year pact will have Aniobi continue as a co-executive producer […]