Trey Songz is in the middle of some trouble, again! According to a fan, she attempted to take a picture with Trey Songz in the parking lot of a Philly strip club. He then attacked her, slapping the phone “out of her hand and into her face, breaking her glasses.” According to court documents, she […]

Cardi B Is starting to wild out since the fame. Im not saying the fame is getting to her head but more so saying possibly the fame could be stressing her out a little bit. I can only imagine the type of hate that comes with being number 1. Some of the language in this […] Ebony Banks was just like the majority of people on the planet: an avid member of the Beyhive. But unlike most of us, the teen got a chance to not only talk to Beyoncé, but to video chat with her on FaceTime. Sadly, the high school student lost her battle lost her battle with cancer over […]

When it comes to drama, Miguel is the last person that comes to mind, but after being accused of groping a woman without her consent while she was taking a picture with him at a club, the singer is finally responding to the allegations. On Thursday, TMZ caught up with the singer at LAX and asked […]

Miguel is catching major heat from a fan who says he groped her inappropriately after they took a photo together. A woman by the name of Xian Bass has taken to social media, stating that she met the singer, requested a photo and then he sexually assaulted her. She wrote on Instagram, “Dear Miguel, I used […]

This is hilarious to watch… TI literally went off on this guy for grabbing his butt. The King of the South was livid during a recent show after his buttocks was grabbed by a fan, and he looked back to realize the offender was another man. Tip felt so violated, that stopped the show for a minute […]

It seems that everyone just wants to kiss Kim Kardashian West’s ass…and nope, we aren’t even talking about her staff. While hitting the streets in Paris for Fashion Week, Vitalii Sediuk, popped up behind her and tried to kiss her ass. Moments before he had a chance to plant those lips, security tackled him to the […]

I knew it was only a matter of time before someone tried it. It looks like it took someone from ATL to have the balls to do it. If you’ve gone to Kanye West’s St Pablo Tour or if you have seen a ny of the footage that has hit the internet, you will see […]

It seems that Kylie Jenner is beginning to feel herself. Is she letting the fame go to her head? Is she tripping? To all of those questions, ill say YES! Kylie Jenner showed up to Craig’s in Hollywood and was greeted by fans and the Paparazzi (the normal for The Kardashian Clan). However, when a […]

We already know that Chris Brown has no chill and has no problem clappin’ back; you know basically he’s the male Rihanna. Apparently, a fan thought Chris Brown’s Black Pyramid line was too expensive. Breezy responded with the following video. He also slid in the comment section. @chrisbrown_05:Thought these clothes were “affordable”??? @chrisbrownofficial looks […]

Evidently, The Diamond Princess, is about that life. Unfortunately, a fan had to find out the hard way when Trina felt disrespected by a fan. Of course, it was all caught on camera.


Solange Knowles has become known for speaking her mind when dealing with matters concerning her family, but one bold Instagrammer must not have gotten the memo. Earlier this week…