Madonna takes a nasty spill at the Brit Awards and it seemed to take her quite by surprise!  We’ve seen Beyonce pop up from falls much more gracefully but hey… Madonna’s still doin it! Check it out below! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram Past Brit Award Moments: Kanye West Performs “All Day” At The Brit […]

The D.A. salutes Ms. Iggy Azalea for being built for the biz.  She took a crazy fall off stage at a Pre-VMA performance and how she handles the fall is admirable.  Sophie dedicated The D.A. Report to her agility. Check out the see the entire incident… and listen to the audio below to hear […]

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According to Vlad TV, during a recent Beyonce concert in Lisbon, Mrs. Carter scrubbed out while attempting to ascend the stairs to the stage.  Bey’s trademark…

Well actually, it’s a Nicki Minaj look-alike that performs in Asia often and is a dead ringer for the rap superstar.  Check out Asian performer, Jennifer Catayong as she wipes out during her rendition of “Starships.” :::: Follow iiKane on INSTAGRAM NOW @iiKaneMusic :::: Willow Smith Pulls A “Nicki Minaj” [VIDEO] Queen Latifah: “Nicki Minaj Is Great, […]

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  This one hurts our soul to report! Foxy Brown took to a New York City stage last night and after getting the crowd hyped…

We’ve all seen Bey meet the floor on more than one occasion. The singer took a spill while performng at the Florianopolis Music Festival in Brasil last week.