Casanova's been locked up since December 2020 when he turned himself in to face charges that include conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and firearms possession. He's pleaded not guilty to all charges and awaits his trial to begin.

When police confiscated Crisler's phone they found texts of him bragging about the shooting saying"Killed a n***a last night smh,”

Troy Ave isn't letting his "beef" with rival Casanova simmer down.

The "Set Trippin" rapper faces up to life in prison if convicted of the charges, but has always maintained his innocence.

The challenge itself calls for people to do something similar to the Shmoney Dance in the weirdest locations they can think of. Well, prison is a strange place to partake in the challenge, no?

According to VladTV, on Thursday (Jan 28) a federal magistrate judge has denied Casanova's attempt to get out of jail while awaits court for charges of racketeering and drug trafficking. During the court hearing, U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Davison stated that while Casanova's defense team provided a "formidable" argument for the "Woah" rapper on $2.5 million bail, but Davison expressed that he was "concerned" about the danger to the community if Casanova was released.


Casanova is looking at up to life behind bars if the Southern District of New York makes its case against him. In true conspiracy embracing fashion, there are a legion of people on Twitter who are convinced it was the Brooklyn rapper's interviews with DJ Vlad that got him pinched by the Feds.

And here we were just thinking it meant he was a gorilla out on these streets.

Clearly Casanova's charges are no laughing matter but if Black Twitter don't do nothing else, they are definitely going to find the humor. 

Brooklyn rapper Casanova is in a world of trouble. The man born Caswell Senior is currently being sought by the Feds in a case that saw him and 17 others indicted for a litany of charges that include murder and racketeering.

Looks like Brooklyn rapper Casanova has seen the error of his misguided ways. He is now apologizing for stubbornly parading outside during the coronavirus outbreak.

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The coronavirus is not a joke or, as the president once claimed, a "hoax." But trying telling that Brooklyn rapper, Casanova. He caught serious flack over the weekend for being outside to film a music video ignoring calls to stay inside.