Leave it to the culture to breathe new life into a 90's Budweiser catchphrase while addressing the situation we're all currently facing at the moment.

Budweiser just saluted the retirement of Dwyane Wade in the most glorious way possible. While the future NBA legend has been trading jerseys with fellow star all season, in a special spot titled This Bud’s For 3, Wade gets surprised by five peoples who lives he indelibly impacted. The tear-inducing film features special surprises that […]

Remember the 90’s “WASSUP” Budweiser Commercial ? Well French Montana and his crew added a 2014 remix to it. At the very least, this spoof will make you laugh and have you screaming out “HAAANNNN” for the rest of the day ! On the music tip french montana is getting ready for his next Album […]

Marketing strategies must come easy to Jay-Z. As fans begin to prepare themselves for Jay-Z’s Made In America’s festival which returns to Philadelphia on August…