Brittany Renner

Chile Brittany Renner had time today. In less than a minute, she managed to clear the hosts of the Fresh and Fit podcast who came under a lot of fire recently for their comments about women. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. In a clip released by Off The Record podcast hosted […]

Not familiar with social media star Brittany Renner? Let's learn more about the independent bombshell.

While sitting down with Brittany Renner, Ak essentially put the popular Instagram model on side chick front street after she tried to push back on the idea she might be one.

Brittany Renner has gained a reputation of sorts whether justified or not, and it appears that she’s leaning into the joke. a bit further than most are willing to accept. The popular Instagram model is currently visiting the campus of Jackson State University, and issued a grim warning to folks that they should “Hide your […]

Brittany Renner's jersey should be hanging in the finesse Hall-of-Fame if this story has any teeth to it.