This isn't a scene straight out of "Fight Club." This is really happening.

We know The Pinkprint tour is a little turnt, but we didn’t expect for it to get this rowdy. On Friday night, in Concord, California, Nicki…

Fans Went to see the Migos in Albany New York March 6, turned into a huge bawl in which 6 People got stabbed and one robbed . I got the Video footage posted for you right here. [this video contain graphic content viewer discretion is adivsed]          YOU CAN CATCH ME ON […]

In honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King‘s theory of “nonviolence,” artists and fans showed up to the State of Emergency 2 concert in St. Louis.  However, there was one artist that didn’t get the memo to follow the theme of peace and tranquility.  R&b crooner August Alsina and his camp got into an altercation […]

Rap Group Migo’s where targeted for a robbery in there show in Nashville Tennessee over the holiday weekend. During their performance, a fan allegedly tried to beat on one of the members chain A fight breaks out and people are pulled off the stage. The fight was crazy and there have been no stop memes of […]

What a week the cast of this show is having! According to TMZ,  a huge brawl erupted during the taping of the “Love and Hip…

it seems like T.I. was already on the edge before the Mayweather Altercation. T.I. was getting shoved by security which seem’s like he was entering the party but denied him access because it was to Crowed. T.I. was not happy maybe he had some steam to blow off, that’s why the Mayweather brawl happened ? […]

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As we previously reported, there was a free for all that broke out at a new restaurant said to be owned by “Love & Hip…

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Anyone who watches the show Mob Wives knows that it goes down on that show…and OFTEN! But never have we heard that it went down…

Chris Brown‘s legal troubles never seem to go away.  It looks like the LA County’s D.A.’s Office is still deciding whether they will move forward with battery charges against Brown for physically assaulting singer Frank Ocean.  Ocean has yet to actually file charges on Brown but the D.A.’s Office is looking to move forward with […]

You think that Chris Brown would learn his lesson and keep his temper in check, but maybe he just… can’t.  It doesn’t seem to take much to get C Breezy started. Check out this video obtained by TMZ where Chris threatens a valet guy who tried to charge him $10 for parking.  The poor guy was […]

The D.A. caught up with Halle Berry’s husband, Olivier Martinez, to hear about the recent scuffle between him and Halle’s baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry. We hear the that Olivier opened a can of whoop a__ but what triggered the brawl?   CLICK TO HEAR WHAT HE HAD TO SAY. Listen to Dre Johnson and Alichia Cruz […]