Black Ink Crew Chicago

Black Ink Crew: Chicago is back after a week hiatus, and the episode picks up following the excessive amount of beige rage we witnessed going on between 2nd City Ink tattoo artists Zach and Fly Tatted. The episode opens up at 9Mag, we catch up with Ryan, Phor, and Don following their night out at […]

Last week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Rachel told Ryan he needed to get his act together, Charmaine checked her mean mother-in-law and 2nd City Ink artists Zach and Fly Tatted almost came to blows. This week’s episode opens up with Charmaine and Jess talking about the near incident that almost went down between Zach […]

Well, this was an unexpected surprise. Teddy, the professional couch sitter, and cousin of Black Ink tattoo shop mogul Ceaser apparently said I do, and his wife is a curvy Korean baddie named Euni. The surprising news was announced by Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Ryan Henry’s tattoo shop 9Mag official Instagram account. The photo […]

Last week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Charmaine bossed up and introduced us to her new family at 2nd City Ink, the shop she co-owns with Jess Simpson. Ryan, on the other hand, is not really feeling the idea of Charmaine, — who can’t tattoo — is running a shop, plus we learn he is […]

Black Ink Crew: Chicago is back and boy have things changed. Ryan has cleaned up shop literally giving Van, Lily, and Bella the boot while Charmaine has decided to boss up and open up her own shop. VH1 decided to give us two episodes to kick off the new season, and we quickly learn what […]

Last season we saw Charmaine get the boot from 9MAG being that she brought not a single celebrity in the shop. For season 6, it looks like her firing will come back to bite Ryan and his tattoo shop in the ass. A new teaser has arrived, and it’s giving us a glimpse at the […]

Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s Bishop Don was once a f*ck boi, but he has since turned around his cheating ways and become a devoted man to his wife and children. Don began pursuing his acting career last season and brought his big back and beard to the production Asunder The Series. When he isn’t on […]