Black Hair

When I first thought of ‘going natural’ in January 2011, I quickly decided against it; I opted to continue my regular relaxer regimen.  After all, it worked for ten years.  But during my past three years in college, I have found it difficult, frustrating and nearly impossible to grow and maintain a healthy head of […]

Short hair is supposed to be easier to maintain as opposed to long hair. If you’ve recently taken the plunge and cut a few inches off your mane, you should know that short hair can also look plain,and messy. Our friends over at has some tips on how to take care of your new […]

What is the obsession with white people and black folks hair? Why do they always feel the need to want to touch it? Or ask if it is “real or fake”. Here’s a newsflash, our hair like our skin feels just like yours. Blogger Los Angelista is totally against White people touching her hair, she […]

Today, most of black women have chemically treated hair either with a perm or some type of color. If you’re apart of the majority with chemically treated hair, then you probably have noticed that your hair texture has changed drastically after your visit to the salon, and your hair might be drier and more brittle […]

When I’m pressed for time or want to switch up my look, I grab my instant weave. It’s a quick and easy way for me to achieve the hairstyle I want without adding stress to my real hair. Having worn an instant weave on and off for seven years, I’ve discovered a few dos and […]

Most of us struggle with our hair on a daily basis, if your goal is to have straight hair then you need to check out this video:

If you’re feeling bored with your hair, it may be time to switch things up a bit without doing anything dramatic. Here are some tips from celebrity stylist June Ambrose.