Black Hair

According to a study done on 103 African American women by the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, thirty-one percent of them admit to exercising less because it might damage their hairstyles. No one wants to waste money spent at the salon by sweating out their newly acquired hairstyle. Since exercise is essential to your […]

Gabrielle Union’s weave gets patted down at the airport. TSA went H.A.M. on her weave as they thought it was a threat to safety. They must have seen something moving around in there! However, talking to more women, approximately 25-30% of women are stopped by TSA at the airport security gate to have their ‘terrorist weaves’ […]

“They” call it a movement. “They” call it a community. “They” are the hundreds of black women who last week attended the hair care line Mizani and popular natural hair blogger CurlyNikki’s first ever New York City Meet Up at the Carlton Hotel. It was only after witnessing the legions of New York fans & celebs like actresses Janet Huber & Karyn Parsons who filled […]

Tippi Shorter knows hair. Her client roster includes Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson, to name a few. Tippi’s clients may be able to spend top dollars to maintain healthy hair, but Shorter realized that the everyday woman also had a need for high-quality products at affordable prices. To fill the void in the market, […]

No one rocks a short do like Halle Berry, but if you’re too scared to take the plunge and cutting your mane isn’t an option, we have 5 sexy ways to wear your hair this fall from your favorite celebs. 5 Misconceptions About Natural Hair How To Achieve A Natural Look While Wearing A Weave […]

After two months of becoming acquainted with my natural hair, I realize that several notions about natural hair and its care just aren’t true. Before I went completely natural, I had ideas of ways my hair and beauty routine would be different, even easier certain ways.  But my hair proved many of those ideas to […]

Today’s R&B singers are rocking a variety of styles, and it’s hard to decide which one is the best. From weaves to natural styles, these females rep their looks well. Take a look at these singers and let us know which is your favorite. RELATED POSTS: Celebrities Who’ve Given Their Braids The Fade! [PHOTOS] Was […]

Ladies, I’m sure at one time or another you’ve had to deal with this have a friend, co-worker or even a family member who has a weave but something is just not right…the hair is not blended properly, the texture is all wrong but you’re afraid to speak your mind. Here are some tips […]

After one month of having completely natural hair, I have learned more and more about myself, how people perceive me, and how to care for my hair in its natural state. Although I doubted whether or not I could pull off an extremely short haircut, I went through with the big chop without tears or […]

Women and our hair, we’re always looking for the next best thing. Just like everyone else, I’ve spent my money on products, equipment and accessories in search for the best combination to create that fresh “ready to go” look that fits my budget. Well, I believe I’ve finally found one part of that combination. The […]

When a woman with chemically processed hair decides that she wants to go natural, she may consider doing the big chop.  To ‘big chop’ or ‘BC’ is to chop off the majority of one’s hair, which is relaxed, while leaving only the new growth, which is natural. Although many women of color are deciding to […]

This week’s hair photo brings us a sassy, shaved, two-toned look from Shawntya1. With a layer of health and shine, her angle cut tops her head with style. The peeking designed buzz shave adds a nice touch to this already sexy short cut. Think you belong here next week? Join and submit your photos to be […]