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Since 2007, Safe Streets has been Baltimore’s flagship gun violence reduction program. Founded in 2000 by epidemiologist Dr. Gary Slutkin, Cure Violence is a public health approach that uses trusted messengers in the community to interrupt the transmission of violence. Violence interrupters spread anti-violence messages and encourage positive changes in individual behavior as well as community norms around violence. In 2007, the Cure Violence model pioneered in Chicago came to McElderry Park in East Baltimore.  Find out more about the Safe Streets Program and its effectiveness at reducing violence at monse.baltimorecity.gov/safe-streets-new

During the summer months, Safe Streets sites will host events, activities, and resources for Baltimore residents to promote peace and public safety across neighborhoods.

Upcoming Safe Streets Safe Summer 2023 Schedule 

  • May 27: Safe Summer Kickoff Event| 2-6 pm at Druid Hill Park Field #3 (900 Druid Park Lake Drive, Baltimore 21217)

June 2023 

  • June 10: Sandtown-Winchester Event | 2-6 pm at N Sticker and Laurens Street, Baltimore 21217
  • June 10: Park Heights and Belvedere Father’s Day Event | 2-6 pm at Shirley Ave Park (4100 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore 21215)
  • June 22: Cherry Hill Event | 4-7 pm at Cherry Hill Town Center (628 Cherry Hill Road, Baltimore 21225)

July 2023 

  • July 4: Penn North Event | 2-6 pm at 600 Block of Baker Street, Baltimore 21217
  • July 20: Cherry Hill Event | 4-7 pm at Cherry Hill Town Center (628 Cherry Hill Road, Baltimore 21225)

August 2023

  • August 21: Cherry Hill Event | 4-7 pm at Middle Branch Wellness and Fitness Center (201 Reedbird Avenue, Baltimore 21225)

September 2023

  • September 18: Cherry Hill Event | 4-7 pm at Cherry Hill Town Center (628 Cherry Hill Road, Baltimore 21225)