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Eddie Murphy’s anticipated sequel to his 1988 classic Coming To America hit Amazon’s Prime Video this past weekend. It’s been the talk of the timeline and the reviews have been mixed.

The film follows majority of the original cast, which is a blessing giving how much time has passed since the first film. Prince Akeem, played by Eddie Murphy, has grown over the years (quite a few years) and after the passing of his father, he assumes the throne. He begins to get ridiculed for having all daughters and no son to carry on the legacy. Shortly thereafter, he discovers that he has a son and hunts him down so that he will become the Prince. Akeem’s eldest daughter Meeka, played by KiKi Layne, feels that she should be next in line for the throne, despite the land’s laws against women leading kingdom. She continues to try and prove herself before realizing that she doesn’t have to.

Ok, I think I’ll stop there. The rest is up to you.

I think that’s what happened…

Looking over the synopsis I just wrote, I believe that’s what happened. I watched the film and was very attentive but it was a bit all over the place, to say the least. That’s how I’m able relate to fans of the series who say that the film was underwhelming and confusing. If you haven’t seen the film and have been following your timelines to get the details, I’m sure your views are a bit all over the place too.

Here’s what the Twittersphere has said:

More than a comedy

On one end, fans cannot fathom the idea of someone enjoying the sequel. On the other end, fans have been confused at how some were looking to make sense of the film.  I’m one of the ones who were looking to make sense of the film and I’ll tell you why.

I laughed hysterically at the original Coming To America but it also was a cultural massage for my young mind. To be honest, I cannot give you an exact date of when I first saw the original. I just remember being swept away by Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall’s talent on display, becoming engulfed by Prince Akeem’s heroism attached to his self-awareness. He always found ways to align himself with his morals despite being put in situations where many of us would step out of our character. He was royal but he was humble. The comedic moments felt realistic because they were extensions of his character. Needless to say, they didn’t feel forced.

Given my experience with the original film, I watched the sequel with hopes of it making sense and being engaging. To which, I was let down.

Critics included, opinions are everywhere.

The film received a 52% on Rotten Tomatoes and many critics agree, “that while the movie offers sufficient laughs for those who know the original, the sequel treads too many of the same story beats and that it’s clumsy and lacks the same energy that made the first one great,” writes Mitch Brook of Screen Rant.

It kind of feels like everything that we fought for in the original film, we lost sight of. However, some were able to find comfort in the comedic relief and that’s why you’re just going to have to witness it for yourself. Once you do, hit me on Twitter or Instagram and let me know what you think.