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When Jim Jones finally proposed to Chrissy on Love and Hip Hop, in her confessional, Chrissy cried and said, “Even if we never get married…” **Record scratches** Wait a minute! Wasn’t Chrissy’s entire gripe with her Jimmy the fact that he would never commit to her and put a ring on it. Jimmy’s lame proposal was to pacify his ever-whining woman and it seems that even Chrissy is setting herself up for the disappointment of a wedding never happening. Although, I’m sure Vh1 is trying to have their Kim Kardashian wedding moment too. Here’s 10 things that are sure to happen before Chrissy and Jim actually tie the knot.

1. Somaya Reece gets signed.

2. Beyonce gives birth to Blue Ivy’s little brother, Red Poison.

3. Olivia gets a personality.

4. Chrissy’s mole get its own spinoff.

5. The cast of Basketball Wives marry basketball players and in turn become Basketball Wives.

6. Drake breaks a girl’s heart.

7. Rihanna finds someone in her league.

8. Fab stops cheating on Emily.

9. Jim Jones gives up marijuana.

10. The Apocalypse.

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