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With all this talk about Nicki Minaj being the new Lauryn Hill (I just threw up in my mouth a little while typing that sentence), and Kanye claiming that she could be the second best rapper of all time, when this new Nicki Minaj track leaked, I went in with an open mind.

Consider it closed again.

This new track, “Check it Out” featuring will.i.am, is straight up garbage.

Trash. Rubbish. Junk. Basura. Ordures. Vuilnis. Müll. Spazzatura. Sorp. Afval. Skrald. Lixo.

The only way I can see any sort of similarity between Lauryn and Nicki is the fact that Nicki “sings” (read: auto-tunes) and “raps” (read: vomits words in a rhythmic fashion) on this song just like Lauryn happens to sing and rap.

Built around a sample of the first song ever to be played on MTV, which I genuinely can appreciate, this song is an absolute insult to my ears.

And of course, it will probably be a hit, despite it’s high reading on the Suck Factor meter.

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