19-year-old gospel singer Jekalyn Carr has a powerful motivational word for all the young people out there who are feeling lost, or alone, unsupported, like they’re not enough or otherwise. She says she wants to “speak life into who you really are,” going on to say that we are more than our pain, and that our […]

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are some words that people screw up on a daily basis? @92qjamsbmore #92qjams #Baltimore #Maryland #Bmore @DreJohnson1 when somebody says (post to) instead of saying suppose to…smh — AJ Lowery (@ajlow1286) March 17, 2015 I hate when someone says irregardless or conversate …are these even words?? @DreJohnson1 #RevokeRightToFreeSpeech #UmustPay — Marcus Brown […]