shout out

Happy Purple Monday!!!! That’s me , Alichia Cruz, with my buddy and co-worker, Lincoln.  We’re still celebrating last nights win and showing love to our boys in Purple. Share your love for the Ravens here! Drop a comment and I will be sending them the link. Here’s what some of my IG friends had to […]

Check out BMore’s Caddy Da Don spitting on Meek Mill’s “Amen”….He’s got a lot of love for his city and the Q family.  He shouts out our phenom jocks, the Q Crew, and even our boss Al Payne aka Al Peezie. Hot track and of course great lyrics:)  What do you think? Is this track […]

Shout Out RAY LEW           Ray Lewis is headed to the Pro Bowl again for the 13th year. He has had a team high 88 tackles this season and today we are shouting him out, congratulating and/or sharing our favorite Ray Lewis memories. Kevin called in and said:  “my fav Ray Lewis […]