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A frustrated Chris Brown took to twitter Tuesday to tell the world that he plans to quit music after his new album titled “X” drops on August 20. He wrote, “After this X album, it’ll probably be my last album.” He followed that up with the statement, “Being famous is amazing when it’s for ur […]

Many fans were disappointed when Robin Thicke announced his departure from the hit BET show “Real Husbands of Hollywood.”  But Kevin Hart isn’t worried in the least, because he has plenty of friends to call!  We’re pleased to announce that Chris Rock had officially joined the cast!  Check out the video below. :::: Follow iiKane […]

The man single-handedly responsible for the music industry’s obsessive trend of using machine-assisted vocals on their tracks has done the unthinkable and swore off the very thing that made him famous. T-Pain has vowed to never use Auto-Tune again, according to a statement published on “I vow right here, right now, to never use […]