Hooligan Spotlight Presents … 3x State Champion Baltimore Poly Mens Basketball Team

What are your predictions on this year’s #PolyCity Game? Kendra 1st….it’s POLY-City game. 2nd…..Poly hasn’t won a game since 2011. This year we not playing. We taking tht W home. #PolyPride c/o ’07 kaycee33_ City foreva.. Zarriya Davis c/0 2017 inshaaditrust It’s Poly/City Fam! Lol bondprek City will win again. #ciyforever gotmajortalent C’mon @drejohnson1 we’re […]

Via: Foxbaltimore.com Five Poly-Tech students face felony charges for allegedly beating a classmate, then stealing her backpack containing her iPhone, books, and keys. The incident happened last month, when the girls cornered the victim the student at Cold Spring Lane light rail. All five girls are being charged with armed robbery, first-degree assault, and reckless […]