Nicki Minaj is fresh off of a hit movie as The Other Woman tops the box office this weekend at $27.4 million. Nicki chats about her experience on set with Cameron Diaz and the crew and future Hollywood aspirations.

Miley Cyrus gets naked AGAIN!  Are we surprised? I think at this point we would be thrown OFF if she keeps her clothes ON.  Anyway, I wonder what Ciara is thinking about these new photographs taken on the set of Future and Miley’s new music video. SEE THE PHOTOS HERE   :::: Follow me on INSTAGRAM NOW […]

Photo courtesy of Check out Oprah relaxing on set. Not sure why this is news…well of course it is! Who doesn’t wanna see one of the most powerful women in the world in her granny pajamas and curlers!! Hey, even Oprah has the right to relax sometimes. :-)