After being exposed for hooking up with another tranny, it seems like Mister Cee wants to just throw in the towel and leave his New York radio career behind him….Or so it seems.  Some say he’ll be back…We had to check in and see what’s really good with the world famous DJ. Click on the […]

New York‘s Hot 97 DJ Mr. Cee came out of the closet Thursday on the Hot 97 Morning Show. The legendary DJ admitted to receiving fellatio from men but says “I am not gay.” Mr. Cee resigned from Hot 97 Wednesday in an attempt to protect the brand of the #1 radio station in the […]

Hot 97‘s Mr. Cee has voluntarily resigned from the top radio station in the country due to his multiple encounters with cross dressers making it in the news. The popular on-air personality humbly bowed out in an attempt to protect the station’s brand and stressed that his departure was not a decision from upper management. Most […]