Ever attend your office Halloween party and think to yourself, “did John really come to work dressing up as Borat?” and you work for a very conservative law firm? Yeah….that might happen. So how about I save you and your co-worker’s from the embarrassment at this year’s Halloween bash! Here are a few Do’s and […]

It’s really not that bad being 30 or older (so I’ve heard). Once a woman turns 30(ish), she starts to panic about how her life was and what she think will be like! First of all…CALM DOWN! It’s not that serious! Life today isn’t the same life as it was when our mothers or grandmothers […]

Watching the news, you see all the time that people are losing their lives in public venues from gunmen who decided to take their personal or mental problems out on innocent by-standers. There are steps that we can take before we react when put in a situation like this. 1 Stay alert, even before the […]