A new proposal in Montgomery County looks to make discrimination based on hair styles typically associated with race illegal. At a city council hearing on Tuesday, lawmakers heard from people who said they were told to wear their hair in specific styles to avoid appearing “unprofessional” or “distracting.” Residents said they often feel pressured to […]


https://twitter.com/PLUSXANZ/status/1146617702301229056 A Montgomery County police officer is on the other side of the law after a video os an alleged assault went viral. The video showed Officer Kevin Moris grabbing 19-year old Arnaldo Andres Pesoa by the hair while his shin was deep in his back outside of a McDonalds in Aspen Hill. Pesoa’s head […]

If you search #RIPSmash on instagram you will find so many pics of our boy but we had to feature this pic because it was an example of the type of guy he was.  This pic was snapped at an anti-violence block party in East Baltimore in the Summer 2011.  This is one of many […]