I talked to Michelle Williams at BET Awards 2013 about what she has been up to and how much she loves Broadway. She is ready to go on tour and do her music so I had to ask her about the group (Destiny’s Child) getting back together. I got her to open up about Kelly […]

I liked talking to Omorosa because we were just kicking it and it wasn’t like a interview because she opened up and talked. We just seemed like old friends talking about her life changing event and how she was dealing with life now. She went from planning a wedding to planning a funeral and that […]

K. Michelle is coming to the Stone Soul Stage at The African American Festival this weekend. She is ready and talked about pimping the TV show to get her record deal. K. Michelle said she is not a reality show hoe, so check out the live interview below. K Michelle BET 2013-Listen To This Link […]