Via To make an effort to give back to a non-profit in Baltimore, Wayne Ruth and his wife are giving up their Superbowl tickets.  The couple bought their tickets for $850 dollars a piece , and decided to place them for sale on Ebay.  They set up an auction where the tickets are now $3,500 a […]

Via  So it wasn’t just us that thought 2012 was a bit toasty. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration the U.S had its warmest year in history. The average temperature was 55 degrees. Is this a warning or just mother nature? Read More.  Are You Being Ratchet in 2013?? One Change That […]

Via Around 4 a.m on Thursday, a woman was pulled from the Baltimore Harbor once she spotted floating face down in Canton. 53-year-old Elizabeth O’Hearn was a neurology professor at Johns Hopkins University. O’Hearn was pulled out by the 2300 block of Boston St. Read More. Do you Believe in Karma? President Obama Is […]