Kameron McCullough’s phone is blowing up, but the D’usse Palooza founder makes time for a few questions. Like did he ever imagine an invite-only party with friends in his Harlem apartment could turn into a full-blown concert in Midtown, NYC with celeb guests that highlighted a certain Brooklyn rapper of note? “We just wanted to […]

Babyyyyyyy, when you are the heir to the Carter throne and your parents are Jay-Z and Beyonce, no coin is spared when it comes to playing dress up in public.  Word on the curb is Queen Bey shelled out a lor over 2 grand at Bergdorg Goodman’s for the piece that HIT to be worn, […]

Lil Wayne teases his upcoming album “Carter V” with a brand new single called “D’usse”.Weezy debuted the single earlier this week on his viral series called “Weezy Wednesday” . He gave us the teaser while he pours a glass of the cognac. Wayne kicked off the  “Carter V” with his other single “Believe Me” with […]