LOL…yeah so Miley Cyrus was channeling Vera De Milo last night at the VMA’s.  Thankfully most kids started school today and were in bed early last night because the Disney star went extra wild…showin her arse, literally.  Oh and what infamous arse it is….her cakes actually generated an uproar on instagram. Check out some of […]

Former star of the MTV reality show, “From G’s To Gents”  Baron “Dirty” Colon was arrested by Miami police last week for the slaying of artist Marcelo Vera during a botched robbery in January 2006. According to The Miami Herald, police say Colon was a suspect in the case even as the 24-year-old was a contestant […]

You meet someone hot and you go back to their place only to see something that makes you change your mind about getting sexy. For me it is a dirty bathroom. Here are some of the "sex killers" from Love Zone listeners via facebook and twitter.