We all heard the album. We all have our own opinions (I love it personally). Now, hear what Beyonce herself  has to say about her brand new album. Check out some excerpts I saw over at NecoleB*tchie: Pretty Hurts It’s really difficult to find a song with such a strong message that doesn’t feel preachy. Sia is […]

Are you ready to “Bow Down” to King Bey?? Many of Beyoncé‘s long-time fans are confused by her sudden lack of humility in her new single.  Even primetime analysts are taking a stab at it.  Check out Rush Limbaugh‘s take on Bey’s new stance. “[Destiny’s Child] songs were attempts to inspire young women not to […]

(Photo: H&M Ad Campaign) Yaaahhhss Bey Hive you can now dress like your leader…at a cheaper price lol. Beyonce is the new face of H&M and will even help design!! The pic above is the first look at the clothing store’s Summer Ad Campaign. Here’s what H&M had to say: “They are full of her […]