Tonight will be a historic night of basketball. First we have the Golden State Warriors going for The Chicago Bulls record of 72 wins. If Steph and the crew win, they will have the BEST RECORD EVER! if they lose…. they go back to being….average LOL. Then there’s the ending of a era. We all […]

After a 20-year career, Kobe Bean Bryant will play his last NBA game against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night. He will leave the game as one of the all-time greats regardless of the era, his position, or any type of rule changes. Kobe is that rare player who was around during the end of the Michael Jordan era, his […]

Talking to my big homie Squirrel Wyde, he told me Kobe Bryant has one more game before he exit stage left. He has have a fairy tale career. He has All Stars, Chips, And records. But one of my most memorable moments gots ta be when the boy dropped 81 points……81 DAMN POINTS!!!!. you haven’t […]