Well, obviously this young man has never heard the lyrics, “run up on me at the light, you can loose your life”. Good thing for him, he is still here after being punched by Justin Beiber and not laying somewhere 6 feet. See what happens when a fan rushes Justin Beiber’s whip as he […]

Justin Beiber is having the worst couple of weeks. If he isn’t fighting, he’s falling off stage. While in Canada on his latest tour, Beibz was trying to fix his pants and then fell off the stage. Peep the video. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGwaYwlFAwi/?taken-by=entertainmentforbreakfast Ouch!

It seems that Beiber hanging out with some goons must have paid off. He’s getting ballsy! While performing at 1 OAK nightclub, Deiigner’s high energy spilled over to the VIP area where Justin Beiber was parlaying. By mistake, Desiigner must have stepped on Beiber’s foot one too many times, causing Beebs to spaz on him and […]