In this day and time everybody is trying to figure out how to slow down the aging process becuase nobody wants to grow old and feel their age. When you are 18 you can’t wait to be 21. When you 21 you can’t wait to be 25. When you 25 you start thinking about being […]

The body can help you make the stuff the body needs, but it needs help to slow the aging process. When you sit in the sun too long, your body will burn and your face will dry our or wrinkle. You need to drink plenty of good water and use natural products on your skin. […]

Although we’re more than a month into Fall 2010, it’s never too late to treat your skin as it transitions into this much cooler and drier weather. In a perfect world, we’d all have skin like Katerina Graham’s, blemish-free and seemingly weather-unaffected. But then you’d wake up and realize that perfection doesn’t exist. Did you know that you should’ve begun […]