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LOLz…Love this. Everybody was a kid and can relate to this. Kudos to Desi Alexander and the rest of the performers..we will be posting more clips from the show. RELATED LINKS: THE D.A.

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This Indy Film is from before she was rich & famous.  What do you think?  Could she be the next Jada or Angelina? Click here to watch.  Contains adult language. Must be 18 or older. Related Links: Ever Thought About Being a Video Chick? Nicki Minaj Wants Movie Roles…

It was Dawn Richard spotted in Towson spending her Dirty Money. My buddy / comedian Desi Alexander ran into her @ Cinnabun. Side Note:  Be on the look out for B’more comedian Desi Alexander.  He is ****ing hilarious. Click the below link to see his stand up. Warning:  contains adult language..must be 18. Other Related Links: […]

via He pays respect to their talents then calls em’ puppets..yup even Jay.  He tells him “be down for the cause and stop riding the fence!” Nice to see a different perspective.  His name is Dee 1 and he says he is able to spit the truth because he’s not on a major label. […]

This is the latest teen drug craze and it is legal in many of the United States.  It’s legal in Maryland and Cali, which is where Miley Cyrus was taped smoking it out of bong while partying for her 18th bday.  The clip was featured on TMZ and the audio was played yesterday on The […]

It seems pretty simple but I really believe in these things.  Motivational coaches have been raving about them for years and few years ago, I finally made one. So far, I have already achieved a few of my goals on my board and I made mine around 2 years ago…pretty exciting stuff.   Life can […]

So I was hanging out on the 2nd level of the 1st Mariner Arena with my homegirl from Salisbury and she asks me to walk to the ladies room. While I’m waiting for her, I run into Taylor & Morgan…OMG!!! This video had to be edited for our website.. I had to remove some “adult language”. S/O […]

I know some people think negatively about this occupation but I got to say, my experience was great.  I did a promo video for B-more lyricist, Wordsmith. It includes 2 of his singles, Show Me The Money and Touch Back Down featuring Jnes. I’m in the 2nd half of the video, on the “Touch Back Down” […]