Rihanna lets Oprah know about the meaning behind Her new Falcon tattoo that is on her ankle as well her love for getting inked up. Check out the link below to see the video and find out the special meaning of the Falcon. **FOLLOW AJ @AJSHOWTIME @AND ANGELBABY ON TWITTER AND CATCH THEM SUNDAY NIGHTS […]

  Check out some exclusive footage that didn’t make the final cut of Oprah’s Next Chapter Interview with Rihanna. In this video Rihanna candidly goes on to explain her twitter philosophy and her heavy use of the “F” Word. Hit the descriptive link below to see the bonus footage. **FOLLOW AJ @AJSHOWTIME AND ANGELBABY @DJ_ANGELBABY […]

Trey Songz is back with his latest Chapter V and you know the Rap Attack Crew has it for you first. With guest features from Lil Wayne, Jeezy, T.I. and more you know Trey is going to deliver, take a listen and be the judge for yourself. Make sure you go out and support Trey’s Chapter […]

  Kelly Rowland is getting back in the acting game and hitting up TV with her own show. The title although not confirmed its  called “What Would Dylan Do”. Rowland will star as Dylan in the show who is a small time relationship and love blogger based out of LA who is living with her best friend Cherise […]

Last night before  Oprah’s “Next Chapter” Interview with Rihanna, C-Breezy was in D.C. this past weekend with his special lady Karrueche partying hard and forgetting about the past. Hitting the club “The Park At Fourteenth” Chris Brown and his crew partied hard stood on couches, and danced with people in the club that night. Photos courtesy of […]

  For those who missed the premiere last night or you are part of Rihanna’s Navy and can’t get enough hit the link to catch Oprah’s Next Chapter interview with Rihanna. Oprah asked all the questions that people have been dying to know, from her relationship with Chris Brown to being comfortable with her sexuality. […]