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Cheetos Unveils Fan-Inspired Versions Of The #CheetosFlaminHaute Look At The House Of Flamin' Haute Runway Show + Style Bar Experience In New York

Source: Ilya S. Savenok / Getty

New York Fashion Week is in full effect and in case you didn’t know, Cheetos has entered the game. Yes, Cheetos, the snack many of us love, has launched The House of Flamin Haute (#CheetosFlaminHaute). Last night, Cheetos and fashion enthusiasts were treated to various Cheetos-inspired style treatments and a fashion show featuring flaming hot pieces. Angela Simmons, Ashanti, and Power’s Lela Loren are just some of the many celebrities who came through for some fashion spice. And of course, the chart-topping, show-stopping Saweetie burned up the stage in a haute red lewk by Angel Brinks. She performed two of her biggest hits, “My Type,” and “Icy Girl,” dressed in compliance with the red hot theme of the night.

We briefly caught up with the rising star to chat about her favorite black designers, boss chicks she loves, and her upcoming capsule collection with Pretty Little Thing.

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Hello Beautiful: You’re hitting the #CheetosFlaminHaute runway tonight, so what do you need to make sure you have a great performance? 

Saweetie: In order to make sure I have a good performance, girl, I gotta look good. My hair, my makeup, my outfit gotta be cute. Today’s a very special day. I’m representing the Hot Cheeto brand. I’m an Icy Girl but today I’m hot and spicy! So this [outfit] is by Angel Brinks. It’s a custom so I’m just representing Cheetos today.

Cheetos Unveils Fan-Inspired Versions Of The #CheetosFlaminHaute Look At The House Of Flamin' Haute Runway Show + Style Bar Experience In New York

Source: Dave Kotinsky / Getty

HB: Speaking of Angel Brinks, I know you like with work with a lot of unique designers so give me three your favorite Black designers right now. 

Saweetie: Khala Whitney @FromGrayscale. She did my Icy University outfits for the tour [with Cardi B] and it was something that we opened up with for the first show, and it was so unique and I felt like it was so on brand, and I’ve never seen anything like that before so I was happy she was able to bring my vision to life.

Faded NYC. His name is Domo Zillionaire. He did a camo outfit for me and when the lights hit it, it was reflected. it was 3M material so, shout out to him! These designers probably made these outfits in a couple days and mind you, I have four backup dancers. So, I thought that was just really dope that they were able to come through and give me something of quality.

Another one was @JusBTV. She reconstructed a Sacramento Jersey when I went home and performed. I’m from the Bay and I’m also from Sacramento, but she got a vintage tack jersey, cut it up and made a custom two-piece outfit, and for me, I can’t do that stuff, o when someone can make my vision come to life it makes me happy because I know I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own.

HB: Describe your style aesthetic.

Saweetie: My style and aesthetic really just depends on my mood because sometimes  I could be sexy and in an Angel Brinks outfit or sometimes I can be like in a Domo Zillionaire outfit and that’s Tomboy. It’s loose, it’s baggy, its camo. It just depends on how I’m feeling so I like to keep my style open. I really don’t feel like there’s a word to describe my style only because it’s constantly changing. I don’t feel like you can box me in. 

HB: What can you tell us about your Pretty Little Thing collabo? What can we expect and how did your style aesthetic translate to designing for masses of people? 

Saweetie: Pretty Little Thing is a very special capsule because it literally touches on a lot of moods that I feel, and I feel like a lot of girls, different girls can identify with the Tomboy look, the sexy look, the casual look—that I’m just chilling but I’m still fly look. You know, whether you going to the post office or to the club, I got a look for you girl! But what I really appreciate about [Pretty Little Thing] is that they believed in me at such an early stage and I’m so excited that I’m able to bring these clothes to life. It’s 50 pieces and the palette is very Pretty Little Thing but I came in and I put my favorite colors in there. I really just wanted to do something collaborative so I stayed true to their palette and it has a very bougie rich woman feel. 

HB: Fall is coming up and obviously this collection is launching right on time, right? So what are some of your favorite trends for fall and how did you incorporate that into your collection?

Saweetie: My trends I don’t even know the trends are, girl! The trends for me is just feeling good, you know, like whatever you put on like I want you to feel fabulous. I want you to feel confident. I want you to feel empowered. So I feel like no matter what size shape color of skin. I got something for every girl in my capsule collection and I’m very excited to see what the girls and even the boys choose 

HB: Gabrielle Union, so that means I’m sure you love her but who were some of your favorite types of boss chicks 

Saweetie: Definitely [Gabrielle Union] because she’s also self-made. And my girl Yara [Shahidi] Okay, so I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I was able to you know meet with her and I think it’s just extremely impressive how she’s In the process of getting her education at Harvard, and she’s probably one of the youngest producers in Hollywood. She’s so fly and she’s so powerful, and I just love just being in the presence of another woman who is of my color and just doing her own thing. 

HB: What did it what do you need from all your Icy Girls and Boys right now!

Saweetie: I really just want to promote you getting your own money, you educating yourself, and you really just being about your bag. For me, icy is more than just being iced out. It’s about being fabulous and having that hustler’ss mentality because what got me here today. What got me all these nice things is grinding and putting in that work.

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