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BMF Episodic Stills from episode 208

Source: Courtesy / Starz

This week’s episode of BMF was titled ‘Push It To The Limit.’ The Flenory brothers buy a car wash to pack cars after being flushed with product from a new plug. Meech turns dealers into kingmakers while Terry hires new drivers. Click inside to read the full recap of BMF Season 2 Episode 8.


After unexpectedly being blessed with 300 kilos, the Flenory brothers had to find a way to hide in plain sight. Meech unveiled his genius idea to buy a car wash so that BMF could pack their cars and clean money without anyone connecting it back to them. Instead of feeling sad for K-9 after hearing that he got arrested, Meech realizes that the demand for supply is going to be higher than ever. With that in mind, he decides to go back down to Ohio to plant some flags and reconnect with Stone (the guy their cousin James introduced him to). Meech tasked his younger brother with getting new drivers to be carriers for them.

Meech arrives in Cleveland and immediately links with Stone. Meech offers Stone a deal on his product in return for him introducing Meech to Bleek. Stone makes the link but it isn’t the interaction Meech was expecting. Bleek turns down Meech’s offer to work with him. Meech respects his decision but makes note that he can’t stop customers from coming to cop from Stone after he puts him on with his product. Meech obviously knew something was bound to happen and it surely did. While members of Stone’s crew were on the block selling, members of Bleek’s crew rolled up on them and started a fight over the territory. Meech tells Bleek’s crew that working with/under him would be a much better option for them. Bleek finally comes around after his crew quit on him and boom…Meech secured an expansion. Will he go back down to Atlanta to turn things up even more now that BMF has the Colombian connect?


BMF Episodic Stills from episode 208

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Tee meets up with Markisha to inform her that Boom should start buying from them since he won’t be able to compete with their prices or quality. He then turns his sights to more important matters. With the help of Hoop, Tee puts the two new drivers on game. He explains the do’s and don’t to driving for them to avoid getting pulled over by the cops.

Once Meech returns from Ohio, he hips Tee that he crowned two Ohio kings. Tee responds by telling him about the two new drivers he hired. Their conversation is short lived after Tee gets a call from Markisha. She lets him know that she’s going to take him out to dinner. When she arrives, she surprised him by not having anything under her trench coat. The two again have sex. Tee is obviously head over heels for Markisha. He takes her on a shopping spree the next day and then unexplainably lets her to cut off his rattail. She says that it symbolizes that he’s his own man. Meech notices his tail missing and calls him out on it. He tells Tee that he’s never seen anyone more whipped in his life. Meech wasn’t lying. Tee was so wrapped up in Markisha that he didn’t even think about how it would make Wanda feel if she seem them at the event together. If Meech didn’t stop her, Wanda would’ve hit him upside the head with a skate (literally). He reminds her that he’ll always hold her and the babies down. Can Markisha be trusted? Is Meech right to be second guessing her and Tee’s relationship? Is Terry too deep to realize this might not be the smartest move? We’re surely about to see.


Mourning the loss of Blackie, Lamar decided to get his beloved dog cremated. He takes the urn over to Mo’s house and explains that when Zoe gets back to the city, he wants everyone he loves to be living under one roof. The ex-couple takes a trip down memory lane and indulge in some coke. Under the influence, Mo spills her feelings for Lamar and explains how he’s the only man she’s ever truly loved. It seems like it was all part of the plan. As Lamar starts to run himself bath water, Mo contemplates shooting him. Although she grabs the gun, she’s unable to bring herself to kill the father of one of her children.

We’re not completely sure how he got the drop this time, but Lamar once again hit the Flenory boys. Calix was able to make his money drop, but Auntie Rose was jacked by the menace of Detroit. After rear ending her car, Lamar gets out and tells her to run her truck. She tries to put up a fight but is easily pushed down. It dawns on Tee and Meech that Lamar might have been watching them (although it might have more to do with Mo than they realize). Tee suggest that they’re going to have to switch everything up again. Instead, Meech says they’ll boycott Lamar meaning anybody buying their drugs from him is cut off.


We have been waiting for stuff to hit the fan and it finally did this episode! Mabel is bold! She obviously can’t get enough of Charles because she did the unthinkable and pulled up to the Flenory home in the middle of the day, claiming to be coming to borrow Lucille’s skillet. Charles warns her that she’s playing with fire and that they can’t continue to keep sneaking around the way they are. Mabel tells him that she’s having too much fun to stop. Charles hears this and suggests that they get a hotel room. Lucille finally gets out of the shower and comes down to the kitchen. She offers Mabel a glass of tea and Mabel accepts, making things even more uncomfortable for Charles.

Meech surprises Lucille and Nicky with some new clothes. Lucille was uncertain about where she could or should wear the new outfit that her son had just bought her and notes that Charles probably wouldn’t approve. He tells them that he rented out the whole skating rink. Meech adds that Charles is his own man and that Lucille is her own woman. He adds how sometimes she just needs to let her hair down and and do something for herself. Charles was definitely doing his things for himself. While Lucille pulled up to the skating rink alone, Charles was busy with Mabel in a hotel room. Ironically enough, they weren’t actually getting busy. After Charles isn’t able to perform, Mabel suggests that they call it quits. She realizes that Charles isn’t actually there with her and that it’s time she give him back to Lucille.

Right in the knick of time, Charles shows up to the skating rink and grabs Lucille for a couple’s skate. After that, one would think that things would get back on track. Absolutely not. As Lucille is grabbing her and Charles’ belongings, a receipt falls out go his jacket pocket. Yes, you guessed it. The idiot left the receipt from the hotel in there. Lucille approaches him about it and Charles’ first instinct is to lie. Lucille isn’t having it and urges Charles to go back to the bed he had just left. Tee and Nicole leave with their extremely upset mother and after Meech witnesses what happened, he and his father stand there quietly. Can the family be repaired or will Charles mistake(s) divide the family?


BMF Episodic Stills from episode 208

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Detectives Bryant and Jin are shocked to find out that Commander Beckwith has been transferred and been replaced by Major Damon Garr, who will be overseeing their organization for the foreseeable future. K-9’s arrest raised concern for Bryant, as he noted that it would cause a power vacuum which would lead to more war and more bodies. Instead of just working with the Down River Area Narcotics Operation, Garr announces that he has reached out to collaborate with the local DEA. The local DEA, led by Special Agent Chambers (Leslie Jones) doesn’t seem too interested in working with them.

After Jin admits that she knows all the major players except Hoop, the partners decide to do a deep dive on him. While staking out in hopes of catching him doing something illegal, Jin tells Bryant that the kiss they shared was a one time thing. They follow Hoop to a huge house. A different vehicle from the one Hoop was driving comes out of the garage, making them very suspicious. They also notice that the bumper of the vehicle has a military sticker on it, adding even more reason to get to the bottom of who was driving. As they approach the vehicle, Jin recognizes that the driver is Calix (The man she saved from the burning house). Bryant and Jin question him but he doesn’t give them any information and is able to finagle out of the situation.

After striking out with Calix, Bryant and Jin thought they were going to finally get a win…in the form of Wanda. She pulled up at the station and it looked like she was going to do some telling that would get BMF in trouble. Not quite. Wanda must’ve remembered what Meech told her at the skating rink because in the blink of an eye, she completely switched up. She told the detectives to stay away from her family and since Terry was the father of both of her kids, there bond would never be broken. Feeling defeated, Jin reminds Bryant that he offered her something a while back and she wasn’t going to strike out. For the first time, we witness the partners actually making love. This will undoubtedly change the dynamics of their relationship…but will it be for the good or the bad? Either way, Detective Bryant will surely have vengeance in his heart after how this episode ended.

After being in the wind for quite some time, B-Mickie finally resurfaced. Meech catches him right before he goes into Detective Bryant’s home (with the intentions of killing him). B-Mickie explains how Bryant locked him in a trunk and transferred his mother to a terrible home causing her to eventually pass away. He also explains that Bryant still has the gun that he used to kill Jay Mo and Kato. Meech tells B-Mickie to go in the house and retrieve his gun but make it look like a robbery. Unfortunately for B-Mickie, Bryant’s son was at the house. Before ransacking the house, B-Mickie retains Kevin by locking him in a closet. Before he could find anything, Detective Bryant returns home. When he gets into Meech’s car, B-Mickie is hysterical. He explains what just happened to Meech. Meech reassures him that he’s his brother and that he’ll never let anything happen to him. Does Meech really mean this or is it misdirection? What can Meech actually do to get him out of the situation? How hard will Bryant go on the offensive after the BMF boys (specifically B-Mickie) crossed the line? It’s about to get very crazy for all the parties involved!

Drop your thoughts on the sixth episode of season two in the comments and also let us know what you think will happen next week!

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