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Many music lovers are currently mourning the loss of ’80s funk and jazz keyboardist Bernard Wright. However, there’s also an equal amount of people out there who may be just discovering his musical brilliance today.

For the fans and new listeners alike out there, we put together a list of how the ‘Nard singer inspired many other hits by use of sampling.

For those still catching up on the story, Wright unfortunately died due to a car accident in Dallas. According to jazz bassist Marcus Miller, the 58-year-old musician succumbed to his injuries yesterday (May 19) after being struck by a car as he crossed the street. Calling Wright his “little brother,” Miller explained that details of his death are still brief aside from the fact that “the lives of everyone who knew him have been tragically, permanently altered.”

Read his full IG tribute below, via @therealmarcusmiller:

“Heartbreaking news.

My ‘little brother’, Bernard Wright was struck by a vehicle in Dallas while crossing the street and tragically passed yesterday. We don’t have any details besides knowing that the lives of everyone who knew him have been tragically, permanently altered.

We weren’t blood brothers but brothers in every other sense. Lenny White was our older brother in the same way, all of us coming up in Jamaica, Queens, NY.

Words are difficult right now but imagine Bernard and me, him 13, me 17, sitting in my Chevy Monte Carlo, sharing a cheesesteak sandwich that we pooled our coins together to buy.

Imagine us finishing the sandwich then walking into a jazz club and convincing the guys in the band to let us sit in – them finally agreeing and their eyes getting wide when we jumped into our thing – them not being able to believe this 13 year old completely taking over the bandstand.

Lots of other details, images, music to share but that scenario alone should give you an idea of where I’m at right now..





We will continue to pray for the friends, family and loved ones of Bernard Wright. In the meantime, check out these amazing samples of his classic hits:




Master Rocker: 10 Best Bernard Wright Samples In Music  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

1. Snoop Dogg, “Gz and Hustlas” (1993)

Samples “Haboglabotribin'” from ‘Nard (1981).

2. Le$ and Cookin’ Soul, “Keys” (2014)

Samples “Music Is the Key” from ‘Nard (1981).

3. Yancey Boys (feat. Early Mac), “Slippin'” (2013)

Samples “Just Chillin’ Out” from ‘Nard (1981).

4. Disco Boogie Classics, “Dance (Move Ya Body)” (2014)

Samples “Move Your Body” from Funky Beat (1983).

5. 2Pac (feat. Richie Rich), “Lie To Kick It (OG)” (1997)

Samples “Haboglabotribin'” from ‘Nard (1981).

6. Skee-Lo, “I Wish” (1995)

Samples “Spinnin”” from ‘Nard (1981).

7. Kamaiyah, “I’m On” (2016)

Samples “Who Do You Love” from Mr. Wright (1985).

8. Tyrese (feat. Jermaine Dupri), “Off the Heezy”

Samples “Master Rocker'” from ‘Nard (1981).

9. Madlib, “The Ride (Nightcoastin’ Instrumental)”

Samples “Won’t You Let Me Love You” from Funky Beat (1983).

10. LL Cool J (feat. Total), “Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv) [Remix]” (1996)

Samples “Who Do You Love” from Mr. Wright (1985).