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As we begin Black Music Month, it’s interesting to look at the top 10 songs currently on the Billboard Hot 100: Bad Bunny provides some Latinx representation, both Latto and Lizzo prove the ladies have something to say, indie rock maintains its reign with Glass Animals, pop superstar Harry Styles is at the top while also occupying 4 out of the 10 available slots and Future continues to dominate rap with help from Drake and Tems.

Off all the artists mentioned though, even the ones of Black or biracial ethnicity, none have been affecting the current state of Black music quite like white rap sensation Jack Harlow. His most recent megahit, “First Class,” currently sits at #2 after rocking out in the top spot for the past few weeks. The album it derives from, Come Home the Kids Miss You, still sits in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 after being released just under a month ago. Oh, and did we mention he’s starring in an upcoming reboot of the film White Men Can’t Jump?

All of Harlow’s current success is without a doubt well-earned, but rarely do hip-hop artists get the sort of shine he’s been receiving specifically. It’s enough to have many people wondering if he’s actually benefitting from white privilege given the worldwide popularity of hip-hop itself.


One person that doesn’t buy into the white privilege argument when it comes to Jack Harlow is fellow rapper Lil Uzi Vert. Speaking with TMZ recently on the subject, the Eternal Atake emcee called his hip-hop homie “really good,” going on to add, “he doesn’t have white privilege — he’s signed to Black people!” The latter point was a bit of a stretch to allude that an artist can’t benefit from white privilege if they have Black representation and handlers (see: Justin Bieber). However, Harlow having a team of people from our culture — Black music execs DJ Drama and Don Cannon rep him via Generation Now — does show that he may not be so much on the outside looking in as some have assumed.



Overall, the “Whats Poppin” hitmaker appears to be taking it all in stride and maintaining a positive reaction to everything. Does he deserve all the flack though, or are some Black listeners and a few Brandy fans just giving him a hard time?


Does Jack Harlow Benefit From White Privilege? Lil Uzi Vert Says No  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

1. why is there a debate abt if jack harlow has white privilege? the boys white the answer is yes what tf is not clickin???

via @88Imani

2. Jack Harlow getting the same industry white privilege that Eminem got during his era.

via @TickleDa_Kitty

3. Jack Harlow can be good and also benefit from white privilege. Two things can be true. They’re not mutually exclusive.

via @katrina_arrie

4. Uzi is wrong. Jack Harlow definitely has white privilege, in his success as a rapper. Jack isn’t that great. He’s decent. Him easily recently getting a number one song and album is mostly because of him being white. I have more info on @HipHopVibe1 .

via @YuriyATL

5. Jack Harlow is actually talented. I would understand the white privilege narrative if he was a wack rapper with all this success

via @PopVulture_

6. So people are saying the only reason Jack Harlow is a rapper is because of his white privilege???????? 🤔 I’m convinced y’all say anything. Just fuck talent and what the people in the industry sees in him. 🥴 😂

via @bhun__

7. Uzi coming out yesterday and saying Jack Harlow doesn’t benefit from white privilege yet he was nominated for a BET award and Lil Nas X was not nominated for one bet award even though he was the most successful Black artist in the US of the past year.

via @EscaflowneClown

8. Everyone wants to talk about white privilege and in most cases it’s true but jack Harlow got more bars then more then half these rappers talking about std pussy, money that’s coming out as fake, and gang activity that later on bites them in they ass bcuz they snitch on themselves

via @weston_anthony

9. Lil Uzi Vert showing how slow he is on TMZ…saying Jack Harlow doesnt have white privilege because “He’s signed to Black people” is comical. Uzi is so out of touch and annoying.

via @dominicdyke

10. When asked whether he benefits from white privilege, @jackharlow said “Of course. White people’s whiteness is a benefit to them anywhere in the world. If white people run the structure, [whiteness] is going to benefit.” And THAT is the only right answer.

via @kiltedactivist