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National Lipstick Day

Source: CoffeeAndMilk / Getty

Pucker up those pouts and smear them with your favorite shade because today is National Lipstick Day! Lipstick is the highlight of a good beauty beat. It’s the cherry on top of your fashion look. It has been known to brighten up a dull day and boost confidence; therefore, it’s only right we celebrate this multifaceted beauty product.

Lipstick surfaced about 5,000 years ago by the ancient Sumerian and Indus Valley men and women. Since then, the product has evolved into a household item worn by almost every culture known to man. Not only does this crayon color your lips, but it also lifts your mood. Throwing on a shade of lipstick is more than just accenting your beauty look. For some, it represents fashion, art, power, and history.

Most people who wear lipstick have a unique attachment to it. Whether it’s a childhood connection, uplifting their self-esteem, or simply decorating their full lips, lipstick plays an important role in many people’s daily lives. And in case you’re wondering just how impactful lipstick is, check out what the Hello Beautiful team has to say about their love for the popular beauty tool.

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HelloBeautiful Staff Share Their Favorite Lipsticks On National Lipstick Day  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

1. Marsha B., Senior Editor

Marsha B., Senior Editor Source:Ambitious Shooters

What I love about Lipstick: There are 3 things that instantly elevate a look; great eyebrows, a pair of earrings, and a poppin’ shade of lipstick. I feel naked without lipstick, so I always make sure to have a bold red, electric purple, and a sultry nude on deck!

Favorite Shade: Star Crossed by ColourPop Cosmetics

2. Sharde Gilliam, Nights & Weekend Editor

Sharde Gilliam, Nights & Weekend Editor Source:Sharde Gilliam

What I love about Lipstick: I love wearing red lipstick because it adds a fun pop of color to any look!

3. Shannon Dawson, Staff Writer

Shannon Dawson, Staff Writer Source:Martin S.
What I love about Lipstick: “Give a woman the right lipstick, and she can conquer the world.”
Favorite shade: Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Color by Fenty Beauty

4. Maui Bigelow, Freelancer

Maui Bigelow, Freelancer Source:Maui Bigelow for national lipstick day

What I love about Lipstick: I have been obsessed with red lipstick since I was a girl. To me it says so many things; bad girl, confident, bold, classy but also bad bitch!

5. Samjah Iman, Freelancer

Samjah Iman, Freelancer Source:Courtesy of Samjah Iman
What I love about Lipstick: My favorite lipstick is any vibrant red shade that bounces off my brown face. So far, “Boy Trouble” from the black owned, vegan beauty company The Lip Bar is my go-to lipstick. When I was younger, red lipstick was off limits because it was considered “too grown.” So, as a result of my rearing, I stayed away from it until I was 28 years old. And when a friend encouraged me to break away from my childhood beauty restrictions and color my lips red that year, I fell in love. Now, at 40 years old, I do agree that red lipstick is for the mature. It’s for the woman who knows herself and knows how to handle any attention the bright color on her full lips may garner. It takes a bold, daring woman to rock it often and unapologetically, and I’m that woman.  
Favorite Shade: Boy Trouble by The Lip Bar

6. Jadriena Solomon, Freelancer

Jadriena Solomon, Freelancer Source:Jadriena Solomon

What I love about Lipstick: Give me a lip color with any kind of brown or nude hue, and I’ll be in love! My absolute favorite one to reach for is e.l.f’s Matte Lip Color in the shade “Praline.” And it certainly embodies the mantra of getting more for less! I love a lip color that feels moisturizing on the lips, is long-lasting, and doesn’t require multiple applications to get color pay off – and this product checks all of those boxes.

So don’t sleep on the low price point! This Matte Lip Color by e.l.f. is certainly a must-have!

Favorite Shade: Praline by e.l.f.

7. Lauren E. Williams, Freelancer

Lauren E. Williams, Freelancer Source:Lauren E. Williams

What I love about Lipstick: Lipstick can dress up any outfit. My mother always told me a woman should never walk out of the house with out two things: 1) a pair of earrings and 2) lipstick. I created this custom color in New York. I named it “We Did it Joe” because I went through so many color combinations, pigments, and fragrances just to get the right shade and feel. However, when I did, I knew I had a winner. The color goes so great with my skin tone, it pops, and is fun and flirty. I know everyone may not go so far as to create their own custom shade, but I recommend the “haute” girls take time to find the shades that are best for them, and I guarantee they will look good feel good and be well put together every time they go out.

Favorite Shade: Custom color named, “We did it Joe”

8. Joce Blake, Freelancer

Joce Blake, Freelancer Source:Courtesy of Joce Blake

What I love about Lipstick: There’s something so grown and sexy about lipstick. I remember watching my mom apply her favorite lipsticks as a little girl and I loved the way it seemed to empower her instantly. Now, I do the same to elevate any look and give myself an extra boost of confidence.

Favorite shade: Chili Pepper by Estelle Lux Collection

9. Tatayana Yomary

Tatayana Yomary Source:Tatayana Yomary

What I love about Lipstick: This nude shade gives my lips the perfect balance of nourishment and color that lasts all day long. It’s the true epitome of the saying “my lips, but better,” that easily transitions from day to night with ease.

Favorite shade: CoverGirl Exhibitionist Cream Lipstick in Tempting Toffee