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BMF Episodic Images from 203

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Episode three of this season picks up on Devil’s Night (the night before Halloween associated with vandalism and arson) in Detroit. Add that to the drug drought and the city was on fire this episode…literally. Click inside to read the full recap of ‘BMF’ Season 2 Episode 3.


BMF Episodic Images from 203

Source: Courtesy / Starz

We’ve found out that there are two things Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr.) doesn’t play with: his family and his money. Unfortunately, the episode began with him finding out news about both. While laying with Mo (Kash Doll), he gets a call from his cousin James in Cleveland, who informs him that he’s been robbed for his work. This caused him to go to K-9 and ask him to be fronted. K-9 tells him that if he brings him Travis (the loud mouth guy from the gambling house) alive, he would make it happen for him. As Meech is hipping B-Mickie to the news, he gets word that Terry got into a car accident, there’s suspected foul play and that Nicole was banged up. Meech rushes to his younger siblings and reassures them that no matter the circumstance, he loves them and always will have their backs.

While Meech is trying to figure out the whereabouts of Travis, he gets a call from Mo. She tells him that Zoe thinks she seen Lamar outside of her school. Meech arrogantly ignores the warning, confidently stating Lamar is ‘dead dead.’ He then proceeds to the address he’s given to find Travis. When he arrives, he finds a fiend and her hungry daughter. After hearing her sing, Meech realized the fiend is actually his old babysitter. He gets B-Mickie to bring him some drugs for the mother and a Happy Meal for the daughter. He trades the drugs with the fiend for an actual address to where Travis stays. Meech and B-Mickie get to his house and are surprised to see that he is engaging in sexual activity with K-9’s girl. This complicates things for the boys. In fact, it makes it nearly impossible for them to kill him since he opened fire on them and started a shootout.

K-9 isn’t pleased to find out that his girl was sneaking behind him with Travis. He was even more upset that Meech didn’t bring Travis to him alive. He responded by telling Meech that he wasn’t going to give him the drugs he asked for. In need of drugs and fast, Meech tells B-Mickie to set up a meeting with the new plug he told him about. Before the meet, Meech had to handle something else though. When Meech told his siblings that he would always have their back, he meant it. He helped Tee teach Cleet a lesson by dragging him out of his car and brutally beating him. Afterwards, everything seemed to be on its way back to normal. The gang is chilling outside of Coney spot discussing what just had happened and the future with their new plug. Meech gets word that Cousin James was lying about getting robbed and actually was on some slick business. After, Meech tells B-Mickie that it’s time to go meet the new plug. As he’s waiting for B-Mickie to pull off so he can follow him to the spot, he’s ambushed by Lamar, who shoots him three times before driving off.


BMF Episodic Images from 203

Source: Courtesy / Starz

After hiring Denise, the Flenory car service seems to be thriving. Terry (Da’Vinci) and Charles agree that working on Devil’s Night will be very lucrative for them. On their way to school, Terry and Nicole get into a bad accident that leaves Nicole with concussion symptoms. Charles asks Terry who could have done this to them. Tee blames it on a prank and tells his father he has nothing to worry about. Tee knew that Cleet (Markaisha gives Tee his name) had something to do with the slow leak in his tires. He expresses his anger over the situation towards Markaisha (Lala Anthony). Over lunch, she explains that Cleet isn’t someone he should mess with without backup. He finds out that this is very true when he pulls up to the Touch of Class car service in hopes of straightening things out. He’s shocked to see that Cleet isn’t alone…he actually has five or six Black guys with him ready for whatever.

Tee wants revenge but must hit the drawing board again to figure out his next play. Before he can do that, he again gets scolded by Charles. This time, Charles is specifically accusing him of being back in the drug game. Terry insists that he’s not and tries to calm the situation down but to no avail. After listening to his father curse him out, he thought he was going to hear the same thing from their new hire, Denise. Instead, Denise proposes that they fight back. The two sneak into the Touch of Class car service’s shops and mess with their whips. That was only the first part of Tee’s plan though. Remembering that Meech said he always had his back, Tee called his older brother to help him beat Cleet nearly to his last breath. The message was sent but it’s definitely not the last time we’ll see Cleet.

After handling Cleet for the time being, Tee went over to see Markaisha, who had to work late all week because of the influx of insurance claims that were on the horizon with all the fires and crimes. Markaisha is acting a bit weird and is hiding her face. Terry notices that her eyes is bruised up. She admits that her husband Boom got mad at her again and struck her. Terry vows that Boom will pay for it and tells Markaisha that if she was his girl, she wouldn’t have to deal with that. The two share a passionate kiss before Markaisha abruptly leaves. Terry is not only getting in on the good side of his new love interest, but he was also trying to get back in with BMF. While at the coney spot, Tee asks the guys are they good with the drops moving forward. Meech responds yes and tells him about B-Mickie’s new plug. Tee’s face showed it all. He wants back in the game and after Meech got shot…it looks like it won’t be too much more longer until he is.


BMF Episodic Images from 203

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Detective Bryant’s pursuit of Meech continues to rev up. He found out that the the two guys he previously arrested weren’t a part of BMF. This basically made the information that B-Mickie (Myles Truitt) gave him useless. He decides to take a bit of a different approach. Detective Bryant (Steve Harris) takes B-Mickie to where the bodies of the people their drugs are killing are being kept. So many people are dying that they are keeping them in containers. Bryant drops a bombshell on B-Mickie. He tells him that Kat is in one of the containers…and she was pregnant when B-Mickie killed her! Bryant tells B-Mickie that he needs to tell Meech about a new plug and he’ll handle the rest.

We learned a bit more about Bryant’s partner Veronica this episode. While responding to a house fire, she rescues a person from burning to death. She shares an intimate moment with the man she saved before he dies as they discuss his war stories and the gratitude she has for anybody who served. We’re not specifically told what it’s about, but Detective Jin (Veronica) is shown burning herself with the car cigarette lighter. She might have a past of self abuse they’re hinting at? Detective Bryant is furious with his partner for risking her life the way she did. She responds with a quote that just so happened to be true a few moments later, “We don’t get to pick and choose who we save.”

As they had planned, B-Mickie got Meech on board to meet with a new plug. While at the coney spot, Detectives Bryant and Jin are watching BMF’s every move from their car. When Meech is ready to go meet, he tells his right hand that he’ll follow him to the spot.  B-Mickie sees the cops staking out and starts having second thoughts about ratting his guys out. Instead of driving off, he waits and then eventually gets out of the car to make a phone call and waste some time. While this is happening, Lamar ambushes them and shoots Meech, causing the cops to step in (they are also actively looking for Lamar). Bryant decides that it’s the perfect time to try and apprehend Meech. He pushes B-Mickie and Terry away while trying to cuff Meech, who’s bleeding out. If it weren’t for Detective Jin, Meech might’ve been in jail. She told him that they needed to get Meech to a hospital. The cops served as an escort there. How will Meech being incapacitated change Bryant’s approach? Can B-Mickie control being number one in charge if Meech has to be sidelined for a while?


BMF Episodic Images from 203

Source: Courtesy / Starz

While the Flenory children have their own stuff going on, so do their parents. Lucille (Michole Briana White) and Charles’ (Russell Hornsby) relationship continues to deteriorate. Lucille catches Charles being a little too flirty with one of the women at church. This prompts her to talk to Pastor Swift (Snoop Dogg) and seek advice on what she should do next. Pastor Swift takes in upon himself to approach Charles about what Lucille had just told him. Charles doesn’t take kindly to this and threatens the pastor. Once back home, Charles and Lucille get into yet another argument. Charles wants respect but Lucille says he won’t get it until he earns it. He ended up going to Mable’s (the same woman from the church) house to fix a light. While there, they share a dance and if not for his self restraint, it would’ve went further. Mable pays Charles for his services and makes him feel valuable. Are one of the parents actually going to cheat?

Going into next week’s episode, their relationship might be put on the back burner. Meech’s health will surely be the number one thing they’re worried about. Ironically enough, it seems like Meech getting shot could’ve been avoided. Yes, if he wasn’t selling drugs and such, he wouldn’t be in the situation. More specifically, if Meech had took Mo’s first warning it might’ve been a different outcome. Also, after Lamar decided to leave candy at Mo’s door, she called Meech. If he would’ve answered the call, he would know that Lamar was for sure alive and was probably on the way to get him. What’s Lamar’s next move going to be? How long will it take Meech to get better? Who’s going to take over his spot while he’s down? Drop your thoughts on the third episode of season two in the comments and also let us know what you think will happen next week!

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