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The old saying goes that birds of a feather flock together, especially when it comes to those currently inhabiting the “Cancel Club” — remember that time Cosby caped for R. Kelly? Yeah…you get the point!

That’s why it comes as little to no surprise to see controversial rapper DaBaby officially coming out as a Trump supporter, and his reason even involves another member of the group that literally no one is jumping over anyone to join.

“Do I f*ck with Trump? Now? Hell yeah,” the “SUGE” rapper proudly proclaimed while appearing on the Full Send Podcast, crediting the ill-received former President for pardoning Kodak Black last year during his last days in office as his reason. He went a step further to all but give Agent Orange a proverbial invite to the cookout, firmly stating, “Trump is a gangsta.” He added something about the media making “an ant look like a f*cking dinosaur,” but ultimately it just felt like two enemies from a superhero movie banding up to become even bigger pains in the ass of America.

Trump supporters and conservatives have already instantly become DaBaby fans, with one Twitter user bolding labeling him a “powerhouse rapper” and another writing in response to another, “please remind MAGA when someone is humbly red pilled, we should welcome them. @DaBabyDaBaby spoke well of our Trump today, we should be kind. Welcome DaBaby sweetheart, what good can you do for America today!?!”


In short, everyone is entitled to their own political opinion and should feel confident to express it freely. As we’ve witnessed though with Kanye West showing unwavering support for Trump over the years, sometimes choosing to align with a squad as toxic as MAGA comes with career-debilitating consequences.

DaBest, DaBaby!

Take a look below at how some are reacting to DaBaby calling Trump “gangsta” to support the former President, and let us know your thoughts: is he valid or vile?




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1. DaBaby isn’t ahead of his time, he’s falling for bait. Trump pardoning Kodak was a PR move and nothing more. and Republicans have been better? they literally gerrymander districts to disenfranchise black voters and make it so their votes don’t matter lmao

via @prodbyLEIGH96_

2. Before the rooster crows three times, dababy will denounce trump. He won’t be able to take the heat.

via @PaetonWooden

3. Doesn’t Dababy know that Trump pardoned Kodak because he was just trying to get VOTES!!! That is the only damn reason he did anything for black ppl.

via @freddieebc_diaz

4. I don’t know why y’all are shocked DaBaby is a Trump supporter just because he freed Kodak. Y’all expected him to have better sense than what he have. 🤦🏽‍♂️

via @d_originalone

5. #dababy could never be tupac of this generation supporting #trump

via @billyjmoney

6. How DaBaby a trump supporter…..but in “Gucci Peacoat” he said “Fuck the President”….smh

via @bizzy_bones24

7. Dababy is just trying to reup his fan base by supporting trump.

via @theroyalbadness

8. Dababy is a Trump supporter because he pardoned Kodak Black? The same man that went back to jail after paying for his Pardon? Lol

via @con_destroyer

9. Dababy supporting Trump like we already didn’t know he was a moron

via @BlueDiorTears

10. DaBaby is a Trump supporter now? All these rappers come out supporting .. after the election how nice … Then if he runs again they’ll claim he’s racist again blah blah

via @lalovestrump