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It’s THAT time of the year again – it’s the CITY/POLY game this weekend at the M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens. If you aren’t familiar Baltimore City College and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute have the longest running high school rivalry in US history, since 1889! Every year students, staff and loyal alumni come out to cheer on their teams.

Social media has been on fire all week with the traditional trash talk. Here are a few of the funniest memes I’ve seen this week. I’m a proud City Knight but to be fair I included memes representing both City and Poly. Enjoy!


1. city-vs-poly-memes02

2. city-vs-poly-memes17

3. city-vs-poly-memes01

4. city-vs-poly-memes16

5. city-vs-poly-memes03

6. city-vs-poly-memes08

7. city-vs-poly-memes07

8. city-vs-poly-memes15

9. city-vs-poly-memes05

10. city-vs-poly-memes14

11. city-vs-poly-memes06

12. city-vs-poly-memes11

13. city-vs-poly-memes04

14. city-vs-poly-memes13

15. city-vs-poly-memes09